Gadoralda D (aka Mollie) – showjumping and dressage

Great weekend with Gadoralda D (aka Mollie) last week. In the morning we headed to Northcote EC to take part in the British Showjumping – clear round and 90cm – classes. As she hadn’t competed since before Christmas I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say she behaved impeccably both on and off the wagon. She went double clear and impressed some of the onlookers!

We then loaded back up and headed across to Osbalderston EC to compete in unaffiliated dressage. Unfortunately, she had a bit of a panic attack on the wagon and managed to bash out a partition. Thankfully, Mollie (Gadoralda D) hadn’t hurt herself but it was a bit of a trauma getting the partition sorted.

Once unloaded she just settled down to her work. Again, we didn’t expect anything of her but she performed well and ended up winning the Prelim 13 section with a score of 71%.

A great day out!