Horses – Always Wide & Slow

Always Pass Wide and Slow

Horses are classed as ‘vulnerable’ road users and as such should be passed with care.

The HRSA (Horses and Road Safety Awareness) Campaign is trying to raise awareness of how to pass a horse one the road. They are actively promoting this across social media and their website:

HRSA Campaign

Drivers are being encouraged to drive no faster than 15 mph and to leave a minimum distance of 2 metres whilst passing a horse.

Whilst most sensible drivers will be careful and considerate whilst passing there are always some who don’t know any better or don’t care. When accidents happen as a result of careless driving then the police need to be involved. Some police forces are already highlighting the dangers of driving without care when passing horses as I highlighted previously on my facebook page.

Injured whilst riding on the road?

If you and/or your horse have been injured whilst hacking out on the road then we can provide legal advice concerning your chances of pursuing a claim and the costs involved.

Our team of expert litigators pride themselves on giving down to earth and practical guidance. They can be reached by calling our freephone number 0300 303 2865.