First trip to Somerford Park in 2016

My first outing to Somerford Park this year was thankfully a great success i.e. I stayed on board, jumped everything I wanted to and avoided colliding with anybody else. Plus…as long as you kept moving you didn’t necessarily notice that your face had frozen.

The combination of an arena that has rarely been fit to ride on over the Winter and riding a horse that I have only sat a few times before, as it belongs to my brother, meant that I was grateful to be out & about again and have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of cross country schooling.

Wesley is a lovely tall Irish grey gelding who has an amazing amount of scope but as he’s only a relatively young lad he was rather enthusiastic about getting his feet onto some grass.

The fact that he was a little bit of a hooligan on the trailer on the way down did not necessarily please my wife though. A few hoof prints and a bent pin did not go down too well!

Another positive was that our own horse Rocky (Keltic Clouds Above) also enjoyed the trip. She had a nasty jumping accident which put her out of action for six months last July so this was her first cross country run. Thrilled that she was full of the joys of Spring and jumping as well as ever.

Overall a great day out.

For more details on Somerford Park in Cheshire go to their website: