Horse safety on the roads

horse car collision credit Humberside Police

Credit – Humberside Police


There seems to be a growing number of injuries and fatalities involving horses and riders. With the increase in traffic on the roads and lack of awareness of the risks (this sometimes includes riders as well as other road users) it is not surprising that there are more news stories of horses being killed or riders receiving serious injuries. Horse safety campaigns are on the increase but do we need to see more on mainstream TV and social media?

Minimise the risks when riding:

There are plenty of websites offering guidance for riding on the roads. In particular the British Horse Society continues to run safety campaigns and lobby the Government in order to ensure greater awareness of issues and try to minimise future accidents.

If you are involved in a horse related accident then you can report this to the BHS which in turn helps them to track the number of incidents across the UK.

Horse Safety – a common sense approach

If you are taking your horse or pony on the road then: