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Michael Bower Equine Law specialises in Equine Law and Horse Disputes. It is a key part of the services offered by Waddington Turner Wall (WTW) solicitors based in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

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Michael Bower

Michael Bower is a Director and Head of Litigation at WTW. As a keen horseman he provides legal advice and expertise which is backed by years of competing, breeding and owning ponies and horses.

He is well aware of the variety of equine disputes, the issues and complications that arise within the equestrian world. This enables him to apply a depth of understanding that can make a real difference to the outcome of any equine legal case.

Not ashamed of his drive to win, Michael is extremely committed to his work and uses his years of knowledge, expertise & past experience to get the best outcome he can for his clients.

Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood is a focused personal injury lawyer who takes a down to earth approach to her role and in her dealings with clients. With a high success rate she is kept busy with a flow of referrals from clients and professionals alike.

Michael and Lisa have access to a team of well respected and highly successful experts who can provide additional advice and evidence when required.


Specialist Areas:

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Why should I use Michael Bower Equine Law?

Of course, everyone hopes that disputes can be resolved amicably and whilst we appreciate that no-one really wants to involve a solicitor the simple fact of the matter is that not obtaining the right guidance early on can be false economy. The expertise and advice that Michael Bower Equine Law offers can:

Michael and his team offer a no-nonsense, common sense approach to all potential and existing clients.


Costs and potential costs are discussed up front and during the case. The costs are always weighed carefully against the value of claim before any action is taken. Michael and Lisa will always give their honest opinion about whether a case is worth pursuing.

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