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Kerri Lorimer re Michael Bower 27.07.2019

Extremely knowledgeable and professionally in both law and the equine world, a rare find. I found myself in a challenging situation with a new horse purchase, whilst the case itself was not straight forward, with Michael’s help I came away from a stressful situation well informed and in control, the outcome is not always your desired outcome but the level of support, advice and confidence I felt working with Michael meant that I was able to deal with things well and ultimately you live and learn. Sadly not everyone in the equine world is as ethical as they should be but people like Michael help to deal with these unfortunate situations when they arise. The fees associated with such advice and support were well worth the investment and the peace of mind he was able to provide me with when dealing with less than honest people was second to none. I would highly recommend Michael and would definitely use him again, although I hope that I avoid such situations in the future. THANK YOU MICHAEL !

Kerri Lorimer 27.07.2019