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We are committed to providing an excellent service to all our clients. Please see our Client Care Policy and Vulnerable Clients Policy. In return, we expect our clients to:

Most of our clients are satisfied with the service we provide. But we recognise that there can be delays, although not always of our making, and mistakes can happen.

We accept that we can all act out of character in times of trouble or distress. But in a very small number of cases some clients behave in ways that are inappropriate and unacceptable, despite our best efforts to help them.

Unacceptable behaviour makes it difficult for us to deal with your matter or complaint effectively.

If you do wish to make a formal complaint about the level of service provided, then please read our Complaints Policy.

This policy enables us to deal with unacceptable customer behaviour professionally and consistently. It lets both our team and clients know what we consider to be unacceptable and outlines the steps we may take to deal with such behaviour. It applies to all clients.

What behaviours are unacceptable?

It is difficult to produce a comprehensive list of actions that would be considered unacceptable, but we have provided examples below.

2.1 Aggressive or abusive behaviour

This consists of behaviour (written or verbal) that we consider might cause employees to feel intimidated, offended, bullied, or harassed.

For example:

2.2 Unreasonable demands and vexatious complaints

This consists of unreasonable demands through the:

We accept that persistence is not necessarily a form of unacceptable behaviour. What amounts to unreasonable demands will depend on the circumstances of the complaint and the seriousness of the issues raised by a client.

However, clients who will not accept a decision taken in relation to their query, or persistently contact us about the same issue, can generate unreasonable demands which consequently take up a disproportionate amount of time and resources. This can affect our ability to provide a service to other clients.

Examples of behaviour that would fall within unreasonable demands and vexatious complaints include but are not limited to:

If a complaint is considered to be vexatious, we’ll take the actions outlined in this policy. We’ll inform you that future correspondence will only be reviewed to ensure no new issues have been raised. If not, it will be filed without acknowledgement.

Actions we may take in response to unacceptable behaviour

No member of staff must tolerate unacceptable or vexatious behaviour when communicating with clients. When this occurs, they have the right to:

However, before taking such action, it is reasonable to expect you are warned that your conduct is considered to be offensive to allow you the opportunity to moderate your behaviour.

Where these circumstances arise, we may take the following steps:

  1. We’ll ask you to modify your behaviour and explain why.
  2. If the behaviour continues the member of staff will remove themselves from the situation. This could include asking you to leave the premises.
  3. If the communication is by telephone you will be informed the call will be terminated.
  4. The member of staff will inform a Director and the incident will be recorded.
  5. In all cases a Director will investigate the situation and decide what action to take. This action could include asking you to transfer your matter to another firm of solicitors.
  6. We’ll refer the matter to the police where a criminal offence has been threatened or committed.

Communication restrictions

If you continue to display unacceptable behaviour, the Managing Director can authorise the decision to place a temporary or permanent communication restriction.

When communication is being restricted you will be told of the decision. Where possible, we will tell you in writing – but we may also tell you by telephone, supported by relevant notes on our records.

Communication might be:

Where circumstances are serious enough to warrant legal restrictions, we may apply for an injunction or court order to prohibit contact and/or unacceptable behaviour.

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What our clients say..

Thanks again for going above and beyond to get that contract drawn up. We are very pleased with it!

We really are so happy with the work done and all your advice has been taken on board. Its been a great experience.

Ms Black 23.10.2020   

Michael put me at ease straight away. He was so approachable and welcoming from the the first minute I spoke to him. He had so much knowledge and gave me such fantastic advice. He really helped to clarify my position and ways forward. I would highly recommend Michael Bower for anyone wishing to seek legal advice and representation.

Mrs Young 26.10.2020   

I asked Michael Bower to assist me on a potential property issue concerning our boundaries and rights of access.

I was very glad of his competent help and practical advice. He immediately came to view and discuss the site in question, and followed it up with detailed and rigorous research, document search of deed and land registry. His responses were detailed, clear and prompt. He was always easy to contact and gave realistic appraisal on the problem of pursuing the issue without adequate back up – including potential costs.

I would strongly recommend him for attending to enquiries of this kind

Nigel Young PhD. 16.09.2020   

I would like to thank Michael for the expedient, efficient, and professional manner in which he assisted me with a personal legal matter surrounding my horse.

His courteous, down to earth attitude and his ability to grasp the seriousness of the situation was indeed a great comfort to me. The matter has now been resolved and I can only thank Michael for his time in helping me sort the issue to its favourable conclusion.

I would have no reservations in recommending Michael and WTW solicitors to anyone.

Sue Williams 27.04.2020   

Rebecca was absolutely fantastic. Not only did she have a true understanding of my side of the story, but she went above and beyond with doing background research for me, taking a real interest and wanted to succeed as much as I did. She also spent time answering my many questions and giving me advice over the phone before I even became a client, which she didn’t actually have to do, and most solicitors will not do until you are a client.

I really felt as if, contrary to the other solicitors I spoke to before chosing Rebecca, that she genuinely had my best interests in mind rather than just wanting to take my money. She then did an excellent job corresponding with the person the case was against and instilled confidence in me to remain strong, whilst remaining honest and realistic throughout. Although my case was fairly clear cut, I have no doubt that in another situation she would have still been honest with me about my options.

She has so much knowledge on legalities that she always had an answer for my queries, however specific they were. I don’t have much knowledge of law but Rebecca always explained things in a clear way that left me confident I understood what the next steps and options were. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, especially for someone looking for an expert in equine law.