Testimonial – S & R Rees 17.06.2022 re Hannah Salter

Hannah Salter

We recently had cause to take legal action to recover a debt relating to the purchase of a horse which had been mis-described/mis-represented by a private seller, we had to take the legal action to reject the horse because the owner went to ground and would not respond to our reasonable requests. For our family, purchasing our first horse, this was a disaster and we didn’t really know how to go about returning the horse and getting our money back from the private seller.

We were put in contact with Hannah Salter of Waddington Turner Wall/Michael Bower Equine Law and she was able to quickly grasp the circumstances that were relevant and helped us to devise a plan to put the situation right, this involved building a strong case from the available information that we provided and then embarking on the execution of the plan.

Hannah was available to us all the way through our recovery process and advised us well, eventually we succeeded at obtaining a County Court Judgement and we took that to the High Court and then enforced the instructions of the Court resulting in us recovering most of the costs associated and the horse was at last returned to the seller.

We greatly appreciated Hannah’s way of dealing with us as novice horse owners and she was able to build a very strong position for us to follow through the Court system-something that we had never experienced before.

I would recommend Hannah to any person who might find themselves in a similar position to ours-I am sure that you would appreciate the support and expert knowledge that Hannah has and then use it to good effect.


Steve and Rebecca Rees 17.06.2022