Testimonial – Helen G G 31.05.2022

Painting of horse
Equine Law – Latest Testimonial:
We would like to pay tribute to the team at Michael Bower Equine Law who helped us secure justice last week in a misrepresentation case.
A top horsewoman with a string of event horses sold a Connemara with chronic behavioural issues as a ‘mother/daughter share’ with ‘no vices or issues’, for a 14 year old child, despite the pony’s history of bronking and rearing.
Having been warned of its history she sold it on then turned the tables when it was returned and refused to negotiate for 2 years.
In the Small Claims Court Michael Bower’s team won the case and secured the return of the purchase price, all associated losses and 50% of the costs, which is pretty rare for small claims.
We are so grateful and feel vindicated for returning this pony when it was so clearly wrong. Thank you so much Michael Bower Equine Law for your great advice and support throughout.
Helen G G 31.05.2022