NFU Mutual’s Horsebox Safety Week – Have you checked yours?

We all spend money making sure that our horses have the best possible care. NFU Mutual have highlighted the issues relating to the maintenance (or lack off) of horseboxes as part of their Horsebox Safety Week.

NFU Mutual Horsebox Safety Logo

We recently had the floor of our horsebox replaced and although it wasn’t cheap to do the alternative is not worth thinking about. We also had a padding installed on the roof after one of our older horses had a panic attack and banged their head after mounting the foot looker (scary moment for Mrs B!).

On their website they have provided a number of helpful videos and guides including loading tips.

Loading Tips

There can be nothing more frustrating than a horse that doesn’t want to load or one that doesn’t want to stand quietly on your horsebox when you arrive at a competition. I have experienced both.

Whilst I understand that for the horse it must a frightening and bewildering experience as we ask them to accept being loaded into, standing and being transported in a metal box. Tips are always welcome!


Accidents and Incidents

Nothing can be as frightening as a serious incident when your horse or pony is on your horsebox. This can happen whether it is parked up or on the move. Either event can be extremely stressful for all involved.

Happy Horsebox Travels!

Here’s to safe and happy travelling for us and our four legged friends…

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