Untraced driver – Road accidents involving a horse

Untraced driver – What happens if you are hacking out and involved in a collision or spooked by a vehicle that fails to stop and can’t be traced?

A recent example was given in the Horse & Hound where a horse spooked because of the speed that a tractor approached from behind causing the horse to bolt. The driver did not wait and the rider was left on the verge with a bleed on the brain and a fracture to her spine.


Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB)

In these circumstances,  a claim can still be made but rather than against the untraced driver’s insurers it is made against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). In these circumstances, the MIB is able to compensate the victims of drivers who are uninsured or untraced.

The issue for those of us who ride on the roads is that some drivers do not appreciate the need to slow down and provide plenty of room when they pass us. Where horses spook or react the drivers will often be completely unaware of what has taken place or in a minority of cases don’t care. It is worth pointing out that the driver does not need to make contact with your horse for you to be able to make a claim.

Hacking out & untraced driver

As per the article, always advise the police if you have been involved in an accident. If you have witness details and/or video footage then provide this to the police as well. We would always recommend that you contact a solicitor who specialises in dealing with horse related cases (equine law).