FREE initial advice – Pro Bono advice – Equine Law

With a lot of equine law cases the cost of litigation in relation to the original purchase price of a horse or pony, for example, can be prohibitive. I am always brutally honest about whether an existing or potential client should pursue a claim as, in a lot of cases, it simply does not make financial sense.

What I always offer is a free initial assessment. Some take longer than others but hopefully by the end of the phone call or meeting the individual concerned has a much better understanding of where they stand legally and what there options are.

I think that this approach works well and if, after the initial advice, the person concerned is happy to deal with the matter themselves without the need for litigation then all I ask for is some feedback on my advice and guidance.

For example – a recent testimonial:

Mr Michael Bower has been extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in a matter which could have been exceptionally difficult. He advised me sensibly how to handle the situation in the most effective and efficient way. I am very grateful for his help and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with a complicated situation in both the property and equestrian sphere. I cannot thank him enough.
Sally Eastwood, Ms.

We can all be caught out though because we wrap so much emotion around our horses. The associated costs of keeping them are substantial so the last thing anyone needs is to find themselves needing to litigate to get the outcome they want. Sometimes though, it is the only course of action.

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