Road Safety – Pass Horses Wide & Slow Campaign

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Horses & Road Safety

There have been a number of well publicised road traffic accidents of late. Incidents that have resulted in the injury or death of the horse/s and/or riders involved. In some cases the vehicle concerned has stopped but worryingly a number of recent incidents have involved a vehicle that has left the scene without checking on the devastation left behind.

I have posted a number of comments and links on my social media pages in relation to the increasing risks faced by riders and their horses when they take to the road for a hack.

Vulnerable Road Users

As vulnerable road users more focus needs to be given to how to approach, pass and move away from horses when they are on the road. We will all be able to give examples of drivers who have been impatient, passed too fast and too close, blown their horn or shouted and revved their engine. Of course, we will also have great examples of drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists (for that matter) who have waited patiently for a safe place to pass or to allow us time to find a place to move the horses off the road. I have had tractor and HGV drivers stop and turn their engines off when they see us and lots of thank yous when we have signalled that it safe to pass as we have a clearer view of the road ahead.

I must admit that I don’t hack out as much as I used to. The road that passes where I keep our horses has become much busier over recent years and I prefer to take my younger horses off to quieter more rural roads to build up their confidence with traffic first.


HRSA - Safe distance poster

I have been pleased to see an increase in campaigns run by the BHS, HRSA, and the twitter led #glowmeansslow. It was also pleasing to see that Brake (a road safety charity) had managed to secure some prime time coverage on the BBC recently which covered the need to pass horses wide & slow.

The Government Campaign – Think! – provides the following advice for motorists and horse riders:

THINK! Advice

Advice for motorists

Advice for horse riders