Introducing the Bower Equine Team

I’ve been meaning to introduce the Bower equine team for a while, so here goes….

K Too (aka Poppy) – age 13


Poppy (16.2) is a home-bred mare by the stallion Libra K out of my Hanoverian mare Hold the Dream (aka Daisy). She is a bit of a madam and a ‘Daddy’s girl’ which she definitely got from her mum!

Whilst she hasn’t competed much (injuries are such a pain!) but I hope to get her out and about this year eventing. We’ll she how she goes as she can get stressed on the wagon and will probably need a companion. The daft thing is that she has so much potential – great movements and jumping ability – but we have had to take it slow!!

Great season so far. Double clear in the BE90 at Northallerton HT and 10th in her BE100 section with a double clear at Floors Castle HT.


Keltic Clouds Above (aka Rocky) – age 18


Rocky (16.2) has been the stalwart of the Bower equine team for ten years. She is Irish bred and was initially used for hunting and show jumping before we bought her as an eight year old. She is very laid back and easy to handle but always goes up a few gears at competition or if she hears a loud bang behind her (just ask my wife!!).

Over the last few years she has rarely been out of the placings at BE competitions. She has also taken my wife, nephew and niece round BE80(T) & BE90 courses. The genuine allrounder.

This year my wife hopes to take her on full time.

Gadoralda D (aka Mollie) – age 6

Mike & Mollie Northcote 02.07.2016

The new blood of the Bower equine team. Mollie (16.3) joined us as a two year and is a KWPN registered warmblood with strong Hanoverian bloodlines (KWPN Spartacus x SWB Adoralda K (by Sydney)).

A well put together horse who is still growing. Mollie is a big softy with a strong will. An accident on the trailer last year set her training back her bit but I don’t think a break every now and then does any harm. We are back having lessons and I am really pleased with her progress.

May 2017 – Mollie has progressed really well this week. Loading & travelling on the trailer for a few days away hacking and cross country jumping at Craven Country Ride, Coniston Cold.

Pendle Aurora (aka Aurora or Rora) – age 10

Pendle Aurora 2015

Aurora is a Pure Bred Spanish (PRE/Andalusian). She is by Macedonio Mac out of my wife’s late mare Duquesa XLVII. Despite her size (14.2) she rides like a much bigger horse and has a lovely straight movement with all the action you would expect from the breed. She would be described as hot when in work and needs a rider with patience and a quiet seat & hands

Aurora also has plenty of jumping ability. This was demonstrated early in her life when she cleared a five bar gate, with a not insubstantial drop in front of it, as a three year old.

At the moment she is being worked and ridden by a friend who uses natural horsemanship methods.

Pendle Brujo (aka Bud) – age 7


The half brother to Aurora (Almirante XXXV x Duquesa XLVII) Bud is a PRE gelding who is still growing and currently stands at about 15.1. He has a lovely bright copper bay coat with black dorsal stripe. He too has a very straight movement and is naturally balanced despite being in the early stages of his training.

We hope that he will be a great all-rounder for both me and my wife. Certainly he seems to take things in his stride and copes well with new situations and experiences.

May 2017 – Bud had a great few days at Craven Country Ride being babysitted by Rocky on hacks out and cross country jumping. He has really come on in leaps and bounds (quite literally). Anyone who thinks the PREs (Spanish) can’t jump needs to see Bud in action!


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