Dogs Trust launch #thebigscoop campaign

The Dogs Trust has launched a new campaign to fight the problem of dog fouling in the UK. With a £1000 fine and dog wardens now able to check if dog owners are carrying dog poo bags with them it is an issue that is in the media spotlight at the moment.

A Tail of True Love

Today on social media the Dogs Trust launched it’s ‘a tail of true love’ campaign. Encouraging owners to take responsibility for cleaning up after their dogs. It is always the case that there are a minority of owners who do not feel that they should bag it and bin it. Whether this campaign will reach those people is always questionable.

Abandoned Dog Poo Bags 

If I was to get on my soap box about dog poo bags (I have two dogs of my own!!) it is the trend of poo bags left hanging in trees or on paths. I assume some people don’t want to carry them around and intend to pick them up on the way back home. The issue with this is that many don’t and as a dog owner I don’t want to walk past trees or on paths with poo bags hanging or lying about.


Campaign Impact

I hope that the campaign is successful and that more people do clean up after their dog but I still feel that we need more wardens to fine those that don’t or who do but then abandon the bags!