Keltic Clouds Above back in work

So pleased that Keltic Clouds Above (aka Rocky) is sound and back in light work after a year off with a blown check ligament. This 18 year old Irish bred mare has been the stalwart of my eventing activity over the last few years. Rarely out of the placings and when she has been it has been my fault not hers.


Michael Bower & Keltic Clouds Above competing BE100

Michael Bower & Keltic Clouds Above competing BE100

The early days…

When we purchased her as an eight year old she had been competing as a showjumper although originally she had been bred to hunt.

When we first set eyes on her we weren’t particularly impressed; she was croup high and had what seemed to be a disproportionately large head with a big white blaze. However, her jumping ability was obvious and added to her kind nature it meant that she came home with us the following week.

Initially, things weren’t always easy. She had been worked into an outline with the help of various bits of tack so if ridden (as we do) with the basics she didn’t want to carry her own head (and it’s a not a small head!!).

In time though she adjusted to our ways and routines and has become a real asset to the Bower team.

Rocky & Kate North Berwick

Over the years she has played a huge role in building my wife’s riding confidence as well as taking her, one of my nephews and my neice eventing. Basically, as long as there is jumping involved she’s happy. Dressage is something she tolerates. It’s ok of it’s the first phase of an event but if it’s just dressage then……boring!!

The future…

My wife will be officially taking her on this year. A quieter life awaits but it will, of course, still include some jumping.