Michael Bower & Mollie at Northcote Stud 02.07.2016

Northcote Stud – Unaffiliated Dressage

The ups & downs of owning horses was evident on Saturday when I took my young horse Mollie to her first dressage competition at Northcote Stud. She did a lovely Intro test in the morning and settled back onto the trailer.
Mike and Mollie Northcote 02.07.2016
Unfortunately, another of our horses unexpectedly became very stressed on our wagon when her companion went to compete. The subsequent banging and crashing resulted in Mollie having a panic attack on the trailer. All I can say is that the situation could have been so much worse than the facial lacerations she suffered.

A huge thanks to Andrew Mizon and the team at Northcote Stud who acted so promptly and looked after her until we could pick her up the following day. Thank you also to the friends & family who stepped in and helped.

It was such a relief that she loaded first time onto the wagon yesterday with the experience and calm approach of Donny & Dawn from Sport Horse Continental.

Very glad to have her home where we can look to rebuild her confidence and hopefully she’ll be back competing in the not too distant future.

Photo courtesy of Dave Gaskell.