Buckingham Palace Garden Party 24.05.2016

Michael Bower at Buckingham Palace

I was thrilled to attend the last Buckingham Palace Garden Party of the season held on the 24th May 2016. Along with thousands of other guests we may our way through the front gates and into the Palace. From there we got our first glimpse of the marquees, gardens and lake.

With the sound of one of the military brass bands we bided our time before receiving our instructions on how to greet HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. Then, with military precision we were marched out in order and placed in lines amongst the other guests.

Afternoon Tea at Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Once the Royal Family appeared and the National Anthem had been played we waited for HRH to make his way down the line. I was surprised about the time he took to talk to me; about my involvement with the British Healthcare Association (I’m currently the President), Sovereign Healthcare (non-exec Director/Chair of the Charities Committee) The Royal Family at Buckingham Palace Garden Partyand my job. He quipped on leaving “I know who to call if someone sells me a dud horse!”.

I was genuinely honoured to have been given the opportunity to attend.